NewJones Consulting
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Corporate Goals: Your main objectives are our main objectives...

  • Increase your market awareness
  • Reduce costs and overhead
  • Streamline sales process
  • Maximize your ROI


What are your sales & marketing and corporate communications efforts saying about you? We will provide you with communications experts to help you develop:

  • Corporate branding and identity
  • Web site content
  • Collateral & print ads
  • Strategic Marketing efforts
  • Effective sales / marketing campaigns
  • Incentive programs for your sales force and potential customers

Mobile Marketing

Target marketing is key, and mobile marketing is the ultimate target marketing solution. Our turnkey mobile marketing program will allow you to achieve corporate objectives of improved market share and profitability even in a stagnant economy.

Program Components:

  • Target market database development
  • Direct marketing programs that attract & target customers
  • Customized mobile exhibition unit—enables effective communication of your message and dramatic demonstration of your product(s)
  • Accelerated sales process—face to face engagement with key decision makers
  • Increased exposure—logistics & event services
  • Performance measurement—maximized ROI
  • Sponsorship development programs to offset cost of the mobile marketing program
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